NWR Welsh sportpony fokkerij met ras en adel

Orchard News Report

Foals on Orchard Meadows born in 2011

On Orchard,s Meadows five NWR foals are born this year, Premium superb quality.

1. Orchard E.T from Verona,s Bo-Gi X Orchard Anna Palowna (Ster). v. Orchard Red Prince.

2. Orchard Red Ruby from Molenhorn,s Lucky Boy X Orchard Wiekanoc Keur/Elite v. Verona,s Bo-Gi.

3. Orchard Alana from Molenhorn,s Lucky Boy X Vegelin,s Incredible (Ster) v. Orchard Boginov.

4. Orchard Bolshoi from Heitrak,s Marvin X Orchard,s Swetlana ( Keur/Pref )v.Wester Aikema,s Norbert.

5. Orchard Bogina from Verona,s Bo-Gi X Orchard Perestojka ( Keur/Elite) . Vita Nova,s Golden Boris.

on this Moment Orchard .E.T is NWR Champion foal at Hengelo, and National NWR foal Champion 2011.

Orchard Bolshoi is best male foal in sevenum.  Sold to the van Veltom family from Belgium

Orchard Alana, NWR Foal Champion to Heteren and second place,runner up, on the National foal show te Kootwijk. Sold to Monique van Drunen from Dussen ( NL)

Orchard wish the new owners the best time ever, lots of succes in Show and breeding, with this Orchard Champs 

Red Ruby and Bogina will not be shown this year.